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Char and Frontal #RepeatSaga


This wasn’t a overnight collection. This is a built up of scenes I collected over the years. Similarities between Char Aznable & Full Frontal.

The original sketch of Char Aznable by Yas (Yasuhiko Yoshikazu) vs the cleaned up modern day cell design of Full Frontal.

Both men utilizes machines with the Zeong name. The staff didn’t waste time repeating classic scenes for fans. From how Frontal enters his machine, to the normal suit design he wears.

Char bowing to Haman showing respect to her for being leader of Axis Zeon, Frontal bowing to Mineva respecting her position as a Zabi heir. (both doing this despite personal feelings towards the person)

Despite being modified as a Cyber Newtype, Frontal seem to have issues with etiquette.

Haman had to point this out to Char, for him to remove his glasses. As with Banagher who asked Full Frontal to remove his mask when asking questions relating to about the situation with Laplace’s Box and the Vist family.

The Classic Char Kick

Frontal brings back the Mask Style we are use to seeing with Char and Char Clones in the Gundam Series.


In Char’s Deleted Affair (CDA), Char brings Haman Karn roses as a good will gesture when he visits her at the hosptial. Later in Char’s Counterattack he is given roses by one of the citizens of Sweetwater on the train.

For Frontal the meaning is a bit different. As it’s a token of how Angelo feels.. as he gave his mother roses as well. The Vase on Frontal’s desk was hand picked by Angelo which is artificial but is being filled with life from the rose.. cited in the novel. Frontal is compared to this artificial vase.

Both Angelo Sauper and Garma Zabi was designed by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu.

Fans consider Angleo as a tribute to Garma, for his uniform color, his hair tone, and similar facial expressions. However personally to me, they are very different from each other aside from the physical.

Even the sofa seats are similar.
Both Char and Frontal wanted a pupil to look after. However unlike Kamille, Banagher decided to side with Mineva instead.

Lalah protecting Char in the original, while with Frontal.. she comes to liberate the soul of Char Aznable.

Both Char and Frontal in their final moments was left inside the escape ball cockpit of their machines.

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