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Infinite Space?? (A Unicorn Gundam Passage)


A passage from the novelization of Gundam Unicorn.
Neo Zeong wasn’t in oriignal story, but Frontal still in Sinanju. Banagher tries to trigger a scene he did with Mardia using NTD but something unexpected happened.

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(A vessel simply needs a will in it, calling for the collective consciousness of the Spacenoids. There’s no need for any possibility, just an accepted outcome.)

“How can humans become vessels!? That’s just your cry from despair…! What caused you to be like this? What’s your source of despair!?”
“I’m going to pull out the vengeful thoughts in you” with him and grabbed the “Sinanju” head.”
“Remove your mask! Full Frontal…!”

The Psycoframes lights continued to clash, intertwine and fuse together. It was the same feeling as that with Marida and Angelo. Their thoughts resonated, forming a different thought process—but before Banagher’s consciousness could drift from his physical body, he saw Frontal’s lips curl into a smirk. The smiling smirks became a vortex that slowly spun about, pulling in Banagher’s consciousness—
The light disappeared. Nothing. Emptiness.
There was nothing in this void. Is this the inside of the man who deemed himself to be a vessel—?
Impossible, there has to be something. A source that cause this man to be twisted into despair; a memory that can be a nursery for vengeance. Banagher floated in this emptiness, where all sense of direction was null, and his presence uncertain, seeking Frontal’s thoughts. However, there was a darkness surging from nowhere, ostensibly responding to his determined thoughts in assuming that there had to be something, and recognized the dark space with billions of stars in it.

Infinity, this is the only existence that could describe the term clearly. It was impossible to gauge such a scale using human strength. Even a small step within the Milky Way could take millions of years. The daily common sense, having been often locked within a cabinet, accompanied a sense of realism, surging towards Banagher, causing him to feel a suffocating terror.
Suffocating in an infinite space? Such nonsensical words.

Source: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ~ Novel Volume 9

Translations by baka-tsuki