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The Luger Lugh & Illia Pazom Connection [Last Sun] [Manga]


The following post contains heavy spoilers regarding the anime Gundam ZZ and the Manga Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. 0096: Last Sun

Luger Lugh is most known for her similar appearance to Full Frontal. She wears a mask similar to him and she pilots a machine that originally was intended for his use, The Rebawoo. However there is far more to her than just an adopted sister figure.

The true identity of Luger is as a failed clone based on the DNA of Axis Zeon’s Illia Pazom.

To begin, I will begin by explaining who exactly is Illia Pazom is.

We first meet Illia in the manga Char’s Deleted Affair (CDA). She appeared as a mysterious girl who first meets Haman Karn at the age of 12.  She shows incredible skills for a pilot at her age and is quickly depended upon by Haman in battle. Whether or not she is a Newtype is up for debate. By the time we see her in Gundam ZZ time her age isn’t given but seeing how Haman was 16 at that first meeting, Illia would likely be 17 when Haman is 21. The close to the same age Luger is when she awaken from cold sleep.

Illia in her original role in Gundam ZZ works similar to a MK Ultra handler to Mashymre Cello who is a Cyber Newtype. It is her job to watch over him, make sure he understand his role, and point him back in the right direction if he goes off the deep end. A similar setup is given to the brothers Nee and Lance, who look over the Cyber Newtype, Chara Soon.

The pilot suits worn by Illia and Luger are identical sharing the same color scheme of red and white. Their machines they use both of red color schemed. Illia’s Regelgu is reminiscent of Char Aznable’s Gelgoog and as I stated earlier, the Rebawoo Luger uses was a machine originally intended for Full Frontal, who happens to be Char Aznable’s successor.

Now to discuss the manga Luger appears in ‘Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. 0096: Last Sun’

This story hasn’t been officially translated but with the help of Google I can best describe what happened.

This first page is a conversation between a young Sleeves officer, who worked closer with Luger on missions and Captain Suberoa Zinnerman. Zinnerman is explaining to the officer that Miss Luger is apart of a failed clone series.

Another person explains that these cold capsules shown in the image below are remains of ‘The Axis clone’ project. The failed experiments that was left over.

Here we see a brunette girl in one of the capsules, but Illia Pazom is highlighted on the electronic tablet. This hints that the girl was created using Illia as a base.

According to Google translate this says ‘The same clone? You and I?’

This scene also is similar to the battle with Elpeo Ple vs Ple Two.
When Elpeo Ple discovered that she was fighting one who is the same as her.

These images just are to highlight the battle between the two girls. When together the similarities are more clear despite them having different hair color.

Who made them? It has been confirmed that Luger came from Axis.  But was it by Haman or Glemy’s hands?

How I see it, Illia was someone close to Haman and fiercely loyal to the cause. I don’t see Glemy having the authority to take her DNA. In ZDefine though a different Alternative Universe story.. Haman knows about the original clone series which are the Ples. She visit the doctor quite frequently who is responsible for bringing about the clones. She points out flaws with the current models, she also mentions how she wanted to make clone retain memories and similarities to their original than just being a drone soldier. She takes Elpeo Ple into her own custody as an social experiment to better understand these clones for future projects.

Another thing is Haman actively had the power to create Cyber Newtypes. Knowing of Glemy’s rebellion Illia was cloned to counter his clones?

It’s very possible Haman herself created this Illia Series. It doesn’t help the fact that now we have another story called Walpurgis with a person who is speculated to be an clone of Haman herself. That person retains memories like the original, without flaw, a perfect model produced from years of experiments.

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